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Nelson Line is pleased to offer the following special terms and discounts for orders placed on our website.

General information & instructions for redeeming our specials:

  • Specials codes appear in BOLD below.
  • Please enter the appropriate code(s) in the "Comments" box on the "Checkout" page of the shopping cart.
  • If you are placing a "Specials" order please make sure that the order contains only items that are covered by that special. (For example, if you are placing a $500 calendar order that will qualify for dating (CD) and a 5% discount (C5) do not include any non-calendar items on that order.) You may place additional orders for other items.

Book Specials for first-time web customers; Taschen & Daab titles can be combined

B33% discount on orders > $750
B55% discount on orders > $1500

Specials for Regular Everyday Orders for first-time web customers (non-book, non-calendar)

ED55% on orders > $500
ED1010% and free freight on orders > $1000
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